Elevate your bridal business with HD Bridal Makeup.

  • Create long-lasting High Definition Bridal Makeup that looks amazing on every face through every lens

  • Apply Custom Temporary Lashes that last up to 3 days & shape the brows with symmetry

  • Create a flawless complexion with color correcting and a "faux -filter" finish

  • Sculpt and define the face using my zoning techniques

  • Download my library of business tools like: Contract Templates, Wedding Forms, Online apps, Pro Discount Cards, and so much more!

was $899

ONLY $499



I’m an entrepreneur, educator, and beauty trailblazer addicted to helping you elevate your passion for beauty into an amazing career. 

I’m an Ohio-born-and-raised girl who has spent 20 years building her beauty business from the ground up.

It was really hard at the start. I had no support system. I was earning very little money. Gosh, sometimes I just felt so overwhelmed. 

But I knew I was meant to do this and there had to be a better way.

And I found the way… 

I built an incredible network. I worked hard and invested in my education. I raised my prices. I began working as a luxury makeup artist, traveling the country and working with the most amazing customers. 

Each bridal season I was fully booked with high-end brides. Each season I could say “This is my best season yet”.

Now I want to share with you HOW I did it...

Let’s elevate your career into the successful business you’ve always dreamed of!

A few more things about me:

  • My love for teaching led me to open the first-ever makeup academy in the state of Ohio
  • I’ve worked with some of the best brands out there: Chanel, Nars, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Sensei and so many more
  • I’m also a mentor (and I’m married to one too!)
  • I’m not an influencer and I’m not affiliated with any brand (actually I create my own products). I give you education so you can learn how to use ANY product
  • My bridal team and I have won awards for “the best bridal makeup artist” in my city
  • I’ve owned and managed salons/med spas for over two decades 
  • I love being a mother to my little 6-year-old son, Ace 
  • I’m obsessed with personal growth and encourage artists to join me on the journey of healing and thriving in all aspects of life

My Manifesto

I aspire to leave the beauty industry a more beautiful and empowering place by building a community of artists who encourage each other to succeed. Through my academy, I aim to share everything I’ve learned to help others elevate their business, goals, and life. 

Does this sound familiar?

“How can I attract high end brides?”

☐ You're already a makeup artist, but you want to enter the luxury market to earn more and work less. You also want to make your brides look and feel like a million bucks and look incredible for any type of light and lenses.

“How can I level up my business to offer luxurious services? It’s all too overwhelming”

☐ You want to give your brides a luxurious and long-lasting experience, but you’re not sure about the techniques and you need inspiration with a system that is proven to make brides boast about your skills.

“I wish I could charge more for my services”

☐ You have clients but struggle each season to fill up your wedding bookings. You still feel you're not earning enough. Investing in your education and attracting high-end brides will help you to work less and earn more.





“I wish my clients would value my work a bit more!”

☐ The brides you're working with bring you no joy and drain you. They don't value you or your work. And on top of it…they want a "discount".


“Where does she find those high-end brides?”

☐ You look at your peers on social media and can’t help to feel a bit of jealousy when you see them working so much and doing high-end weddings.


“Invoices, contracts, and all the admin take me so much time! I wish there was an easier way”

☐ You dread all the admin side of your business (invoices, contracts, bookings). You wish there was a simple way to handle it all .

“I wish there was someone successful ahead of me who could offer me some advice”

☐ You feel lonely. You don't feel you have a good network to lean on or ask for advice. Others are too competitive and you are hungry for a sisterhood with support as you build your empire.

If you ticked at least two - it's time to level up your business.


Luxury High Definition
Bridal Makeup Masterclass

In this comprehensive online course, Stefani Carol will guide you through the fundamentals of HD bridal makeup and equip you with the skills needed to excel in the luxury bridal industry.

With a focus on catering to the needs and aspirations of makeup artists, this course will empower you to confidently embark on your journey as a luxurious bridal makeup artist.

Her business tools will also help take your business to the next level and save you time and energy on creating contracts and keep the business workflow smooth and effortless!

All this value & so many bonuses...

For ONLY $499

was $899


What if I told you that?


✔️ Your bride's makeup can last all day and all night

✔️ You can make your brides feel like a million dollars

✔️ You can tap into the luxury market 

✔️ You can (and you should!) work with dream customers who value your work

Let’s elevate your business with Luxury HD Bridal Makeup…



Don't take my word for it. 

Here are some careers I helped transform


“My head has exploded! You have helped me in more ways than you know! I had no idea my lash business would take off like this! I have become so busy, so fast! I even have clients traveling from 5 hours away for my services!”

Elevate your bridal business

with the Luxury High Def Bridal Makeup Masterclass



(was $899)

  • 12 months access to an exclusive member's area with:
    • Access to the online classes (valued at $899)
    • All the bonuses (valued at $599)
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Group with other bridal professionals
  • Certificate of completion

This is just a sneak peek of the incredible value you'll get inside the course

Check out these bonuses

All this value, no extra charge

I can't believe I'm giving all of this away! It's my gift to you.

Bonus 1: Facebook Group (priceless!)

A community of like-minded people, helping each other out with your coach/mentor supporting you and answering your questions.

Bonus 2: Bridal Makeup Kit List (valued at $59)


Build your luxurious makeup kit (without breaking the bank). Learn what I packed for my luxurious weddings (and why!).

Bonus 3: 45 min live monthly Q&A (valued at $125)

With me, once a month in my Facebook Group. You can ask any other questions that came up after the course.

Bonus 4: Wedding invoice template (valued at $29)

Invoicing clients for your services is part of the job. A clear and concise invoice is essential to ensure timely payments and prevent any misunderstandings.

Bonus 5: Bridal Makeup Contract Template (valued at $49)


Use the template of my own contract and be sure you’re fully covered legally. 

Bonus 6: Wedding Service Form Template (valued at $29)


A wedding form enables you to gather information about the bride's schedule of events and solidify your working timeline as well.

Bonus 7: Checklist with my favorite apps for marketing and CRM (valued at $9)


Steal all the tools I use for my marketing and to manage my customers.

Bonus 8: How to get pro makeup cards (valued at $19)


Learn all the brands where you can save while building your makeup kit and never pay full price for pro cosmetics.

All the bonuses are valued at $259+

You get all of this at no extra charge!

Elevate your bridal business

with the Luxury High Def Bridal Makeup Masterclass



(was $899)

  • 12 months access to an exclusive member's area with:
    • Access to the online course ( valued $899)
    • All the bonuses (valued at $592+)
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Group
  • Certificate of completion

How would it feel to

  • Be confident in your skills to provide luxury bridal services.
  • Wake up every morning to an inbox full of quote requests?

  • Emails from your ideal customers saying “I’m so happy your date is available. I’d like to choose the highest package pls.”

  • Manage your time the way YOU want.

  • Travel to dream destinations?

  • Have your business running on auto-pilot?

  • Have a supportive network that you can lean on to ask questions?

It. Is. Possible.

Sign up for this online course and I'll teach you how.

I’m obsessed with your success.



“Working with Stefani was the best decision I’ve made in my esthetic career so far! Not only was she extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and welcoming during the class, she continues to be there for you down the road should you have any other questions.

I have never met someone who will give their time and so much energy to help other artists! I am beyond excited to take additional classes with her and I highly recommend anyone in the beauty industry to learn from her as well!

Stefani, thank you so much for everything you have taught me so far! You are absolutely the best!"

This course is for you if you are:

  • Already a makeup artist (either starting out or experienced) looking to tap into the luxury bridal market
  • Looking to build a profitable bridal business

  • Eager and open to grow and keep learning
  • A kind, and generous human who also wants to make the beauty industry a better place


This course is NOT for you if:

  • You have never done professional makeup

  • Have a mean girl attitude and see other artists as a threat (I don’t welcome this in my classes!)

  • Are not open to growing and learning new things

Salon Owner, Tabitha

“You made such a great impression on my artist, she’s building her business and she used your marketing suggestions to grow her clientele!”  


"Stefani Carol is truly one of a kind. She empowers other women to be the best they can be not only professionally but personally. Stefani is beautiful on the inside and out. She is inspirational and full of passion.

In today’s world, women are naturally starting to identify with the term entrepreneur. Stefani empowers other women to express who they are and their gifts through their work without any apology. That’s a true entrepreneur.

She possesses great leadership qualities - a clear vision, effective communication skills, believes in herself and her team, integrity, supportive and creates an atmosphere conducive to growth.

I’m blessed to call her friend and fellow business owner.”

How does it work?


It's pretty simple...

  • After the payment, you'll get an email confirmation & instructions
  • You'll get access to my member's area where you’ll find:
    • The online course 
    • All the other bonuses
    • Instructions to get access to my Facebook community


"I took Stefani's workshop and she simplified things so much for me. She focused on what I needed help with and we had fun! Not only is she a good friend but also a joy to be around. Now I can tackle this new service without being a nervous wreck. Well worth the investment! She is so patient and easy to learn from!


Send me an email [email protected]

Elevate your bridal business

with the Luxury High Def Bridal Makeup Masterclass



(was $899)

  • 12 months access to an exclusive member's area with:
    • Access to the online classes (valued at $999)
    • All the bonuses (valued at $1064)
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Group
  • Certificate of completion