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You're tired of always feeling like you have to discount your prices. 

You work so hard, yet you don't feel successful.

Artists who started after you are getting more bookings (and even if you're not the "jealous" type, it hits you hard!).

 You are tired.

Tired of not growing. 

Tired of "low budget bookings".

Tired of seeing others becoming more successful than you.

You want to be paid your worth. 

Tired of feeling like you hit a plateau in your career.


Let me tell you: 
You can enter the luxury beauty market.

Earn more.

Work less.

Feel accomplished.

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Meet your host: Stefani Carol

I’m an entrepreneur, educator, and beauty trailblazer addicted to helping you elevate your passion for beauty into an amazing career. 

I’m an Ohio-born-and-raised girl who has spent 20 years building her beauty business from the ground up.

After years of being a devoted student and getting licensed in everything I could, I opened the first-ever makeup academy in the state of Ohio.

 I’m not just a teacher – I’m a mentor. I love collaborating with women and creating a safe and inspiring space in which we can learn and grow.

Together, I know we can take your love and excitement for the beauty industry and elevate it into the successful business you’ve always dreamed of.

If I can do it, so can you! I’m here to share everything I’ve learned along my (at times rocky) road with you.

Let’s level up together. ❤️

No more feeling stuck or comparing your business to others. 

This is your time to elevate.

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I'm excited to see your beautiful face and show you really WORKS to take your amazing talents to the next level!

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I'll reveal EVERYTHING you need to elevate your bridal business